Welcome to the ultimate photo editing tool. Picsart is a photo, collage and drawing editor that works like a social network. Once inside, you will find many tools to edit the content, with numerous filters, stickers, frames and backgrounds. If you want to edit your images like a professional, download Picsart now and start giving life to your multimedia content.

Some important characteristics you should know about Picsart

  • Let us start off with the most common one. The Timeline Bar. When it comes to features as staple as a timeline in a video editor. Our Video Editor’s timeline feature was created to help you complete your edits in as few steps, or taps, as possible.
  • The Video camera, this feature is special, you can start shooting a video in the app, then apply amazing video filters in real time! This way you can immediately tell which filter works best for the scene you are about to shoot, ensuring less time spent in post-production editing.
  • With PicsArt’s powerful Video Editor you have the functionality to add photos to your videos, then use any of our nine blending modes to blend them with the background layer exactly the way you want them to.
  •   PicsArt addition to the Video Editor, AI Music, single-handedly solves every problem you might have when it comes to adding audio tracks to a video.

Some FAQ of Picsart

Is PicsArt for free?

PicsArt is free on iOS, Android and Windows devices and is available in 20 languages.

How do I use PicsArt without an account?

You can use the app without creating an account. You may need to create a PicsArt account to access and use certain PicsArt Services.

Is PicsArt a safe app?

This app is just for editing photos, but it has a social networking element that allows users to share their photos with an online community. This app allows search by username, hashtag, or image name, making it extremely easy to find inappropriate material. But this app is tween or teen friendly and safe to use.

Does PicsArt save your pictures?

PicsArt has an option to save your drafts. You can then return to them anytime you like and continue editing the image.

What applications similar to PicsArt can we find?

You can take a look at other similar apps, such as VSCO, B612 or PicMonkey. Although alike, there are several differences between these apps. Discover them…