For people who are looking for a photo editor or just an app to fix some images, PicMonkey is here to help everyone! Start getting amazing results thanks to the unique features that only PicMonkey could offer to people. You can now edit whatever you want in order to improve your personal or professional life thanks to this amazing app, it won’t really matter where you are!

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Some important characteristics you should know about PicMonkey

  • People can easily edit their photographs thanks to unique filters that only PicMonkey has.
  • People can add unique graphics and stickers created by them for professional usage.
  • PicMonkey will let people have their photos without putting a watermark on them.
  • The app has an amazing and enhanced feature that improves the beauty mode to get better pictures.
  • People can take backgrounds out of photographs in order to get rendered images.
  • PicMonkey allows people to crop their photos in order for them to use them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • People can add text to their photos without needing to use another edition app.
  • There are some features that will need to be bought directly from the app.

Some FAQ of PicMonkey

Is PicMonkey free to use?

Yes, but there are some features that need payment in order to use them.

Is PicMonkey easy to use?

Yes, PicMonkey is easy to use once you have understood how it works, it might be a little confusing at the beginning.

Can I print from PicMonkey?

No. Sadly you can’t print photos directly from PicMonkey. You will need to send them to another device in order to print them.

What is PicMonkey used for?

PicMonkey is used to edit all kinds of images. People can also edit logos, render images, and many other things.

What applications similar to PicMonkey can we find?

You can take a look at other similar apps, such as VSCOB612 or PicsArt. Although alike, there are several differences between these apps. Discover them…