Have you ever wondered how can you give a better look to your photos? Don’t you think that writing on your photos with WhatsApp makes it look a bit weird and it loses the style you want to give to your photos? Chances are that you have been having those issues, but no more. With Photo now you can easily add text to your photos with tons of fonts giving an awesome look!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Phonto

  • There are more than 200 different fonts available in Phonto for users to enjoy.
  • In case you are needing a different font and it is not available in Phonto, you can download it and install it.
  • People can change the size and color of the font they are using in a pretty easy and fast way.
  • In case someone might need it, people can rotate the text on their photos as much as they want.
  • People can change the letter and line spacing to give the proper result on their photos.
  • Phonto offers users the traditional options to edit text, such as blend, which is often used by users.
  • Phonto allow its users to easily share the photos they have created in a fast an easy way.

Some FAQ of Phonto

How does the Phonto app work?

Phonto lets you add text to your photos, it might sound simple, but the truth is that there are over 200 fonts to use, and even more if you add your favorite ones!

Why Phonto is the best app for text on photos?

Well, due to the fact of the huge number of fonts, combined with other amazing edition features, is quite an amazing app to use.

How do I download Phonto fonts?

People will find that there’s an option to download new fonts to Phonto and that’s it!

Is Phonto premium version worth it?

Depending on how you will use it. In case you need more, then you should go ahead and pay for it.