If you are tired of not having time to book and reserve a restaurant to have a nice dinner with your loved one, or you need to book a restaurant for an important meeting with your coworkers, OpenTable has the solution you have been waiting for. Now, book easily in over 52.000 restaurants worldwide with a simple click and forget about not having enough time to make it possible.

Some important characteristics you should know about OpenTable

  • OpenTable is perfect for reading reviews about a restaurant before making a reservation on it which will let you make the right choice.
  • People can get points by using OpenTable which can be later redeemed for different discounts.
  • OpenTable works worldwide and has over 52,000 restaurants available, you only need to change the address where you actually are.
  • People can use OpenTable to see the menu of a restaurant before going to it, making things much easier for people.
  • People can filter the restaurant they are looking for by changing the type of cuisine they are looking for, the price range, or the restaurant rate.
  • When using OpenTable people can make a reservation with a simple click no matter where they are, is just a matter of a few seconds.
  • People can re-book a restaurant with a simple click if they have been there before. Sometimes, OpenTable will give personalized recommendations according to the places you visit the most.

Some FAQ of OpenTable

Is the OpenTable app free?

People can use the OpenTable app for free as long as they don’t make any reservations.

What is OpenTable app?

The OpenTable app is an app that people can use to reserve a restaurant, read reviews about restaurants, and see photos of their menu and how it looks.

How do you use OpenTable app?

People only need to put where they are, and the app will show restaurants that are near them. After that, people only need to browse through the different options and that’s it.

Does the OpenTable app cost money?

No. OpenTable is completely free to use.