Keeping everything in order to make your life and work tidier is something that needs to become a necessity for most people. There are different ways to make it, but some of them are not quite effective. Notion is aware of all the problems a person can have when organizing their life, so they designed an app to make things much easier for everyone out there.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Notion

  • People who use Notion can be safe that they won’t forget a thing. They can sync their account with a calendar in order to not miss any of the pending activities.
  • Notion included the amazing Kanban boards that are perfect for organizing to-do tasks.
  • People can drag, drop, and edit everything that’s inside Notion. This is perfect for those who want to re-organize what they have previously made.
  • Notion accepts tons of different formats in their app, so people can add images, bookmarks, code snippets, and more formats to their boards.
  • People don’t need different accounts to work with Notion. The only thing that is necessary is to previously sync the main account between the different devices.
  • Notion allows users to download different pages and use them offline in case it is needed.
  • People can use Notion to collaborate with other users in real-time, meaning that they don’t need to wait for others to make changes.

Some FAQ of Notion

What is Notion used for?

Notion is used as an app to organize your workflow. Basically, Notion is a workplace that everyone can use and has amazing features.

Is Notion free to download?

Yes! People can download Notion completely for free.

How do students use Notion?

Students can use Notion in different ways. They can use it to take notes about something in particular, but they can also use it as a way to know what’s coming next on their to-do list. They can also sync it with different devices to not miss the chance of taking important notes.

Can I use Notion offline?

Yes! Notion allows users to download different pages and get access to them once they are offline.