NFL Fantasy Football

Create your own soccer team with real NFL players and control it. Train to face other teams and win games. You can also create your own league with your own rules, and invite your friends and family to join and compete with you. Access recaps, statistics, custom reports and much more information.

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Some important characteristics you should know about NFL Fantasy Football

  • The official fantasy game of the NFL, NFL Fantasy provides a fun and easy experience for all fans to compete against family, friends, and co-workers, while enhancing the excitement of watching football games. It is hard to believe that the game started back in 1963.
  • Users can either do a fresh start or enter referral code received from family members or friends to earn some points.
  • There are three types of leagues, Public Leagues, Private Leagues, and Pro Leagues which requires entry fees to participate and gives cash prizes after winning.
  • For drafting a team, a user has a budget of $100 million and each player has his own prize tag.
  • The user can analyze the performance of the team players and see how the team players are performing.

Some FAQ about NFL Fantasy Football

How many players are on an NFL Fantasy team?

All the owners in a fantasy football league gather at a central location or log into the specified web service’s draft utility and meet virtually. The goal for each owner is to draft a team roster of 15 to 18 players.

Can you play Fantasy Football for free?

Yes, you can play it free. Over 74% of the 30 million fantasy sports players who entered a contest (or used league software) competed in leagues with no monetary prize, according to an IPSOS research report.

Is this the official NFL Fantasy Football app?

Download the app from Microsoft store for windows 10 mobile, windows phone 8.1, windows phone 8. The official fantasy football app of the NFL is your ultimate free fantasy football companion on the go.

What do people think about NFL Fantasy Football?

Very cool app user-friendly and very convenient. Users absolutely love the app, except the fact that it tends to lag on switching out the player list when you scroll through matchups in a week.