In case you are familiar with the Google Nest products, then you might be wondering if there’s a way to control them by using your phone. Let us introduce you to Nest, the app where you will be able to control all the products that you have bought from Nest even when you are not at home. Simply sync your favorite device to your Nest products and you are good to go!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Nest

  • People can control all their Nest products with just one click. Depending on the product that is being controlled, there will be different options displayed on the app.
  • People using Nest can get access to important data such as how much energy they have used, easily change temperatures, and even see their schedule directly from the app.
  • All the Nest products that are connected to the app will send you different notifications when needed.
  • Users can silence different alarms from their Nest products if needed without being in their houses.
  • People can get 24/7 streaming if they have a Nest camera between their devices that are added to the app.
  • All the Nest products will properly work on the app even though they are connected to different Wi-Fi networks.

Some FAQ of Nest

What does the Nest app do?

Nest is basically an app that will let you manage all your Nest products no matter where you are from, you only need an internet connection.

Does Nest have a monthly fee?

No! People don’t have to pay to use Nest.

Is Nest really worth the money?

The Nest app is completely free to get, but, the products, are truly worth having.