Bringing old photos to life can be something hard to do. We do know that sometimes dreaming about having a better old photo of your family is important, and MyHeritage is here to make that possible. With the app now you will have the chance to bring old family photos to life and feel close to your ancestors. There’s not much to do, only download the app and get amazing results.

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Some important characteristics you should know about MyHeritage

  • Something amazing about MyHeritage is the fact that it will reunite information from over 81 million families from all over the world.
  • You can start building your family tree from scrap, and the ones that will come after you will be able to see it.
  • MyHeritage will connect your family tree with other families in a fast and effortless way thanks to the amazing matching technologies.
  • MyHeritage has amazing information that everyone can collect about their ancestors.
  • In case a user has access to it, they can add photos to the family tree in order to make it more complete.
  • In case a user shares a black and white photo the app can give color to it in a pretty and accurate way.
  • MyHeritage will optimize the quality of the uploaded photos, making them more HD.

Some FAQ of MyHeritage

What can you do with MyHeritage app?

MyHeritage not only tells you everything about your ancestors, but you can also create your pretty own family tree which can be updated later on.

Is MyHeritage really free?

Yes, but no. MyHeritage can be used for free, but some of the features are paid for.

Is MyHeritage subscription worth it?

That depends. People can pay for the subscription if they truly need it. In case you work with it, or you do want to make a huge research, then it’s worth paying to have.

What does MyHeritage DNA tell you?

MyHeritage DNA offers two different results from people. One of them is the ethnicity estimate and DNA matches with other families in the app.