My Talking Angela

Have you ever heard about the little nice cat called Tom? Then you will surely love what Angela will bring you! Similar to what Tom used to do, Angela is a cat that will give you tons of fun with different games. But that’s not all! Angela wants to become a famous Superstar and there’s only one person who can help her with it, would you help and pet her in the way?

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Some important characteristics you should know about My Talking Angela

  • Angela will always be seeking attention from players in one way or the other, you must always take care of her needs.
  • Angela will need a bath every now and then, don’t let her get dirty or she will get mad!
  • Players will have the chance to decorate Angela’s home the way they want to to make her feel comfortable.
  • There are different mini-games that people can enjoy while playing with Angela where her skills, reflexes, and intelligence will be tested.
  • People can collect unique items that can be shared with other players from My Talking Angela.
  • People will have a pretty huge clothing collection so they can switch Angela’s clothes whenever they want.
  • Players have the chance to teach some things to Angela, like dancing, in a pretty easy way.

Some FAQ of My Talking Angela

Is My Talking Angela a safe app?

Yes. It was developed by a famous company, which gives it a safer feel.

Is My Talking Angela free for download?

Yes. My Talking Angela is completely free for download.

Why My Talking Angela is that popular?

My Talking Angela became popular pretty quickly. This was due to the fact that “My Talking Tom” was pretty famous, and with a new game similar to it, people went crazy to get it and play it.

How does My Talking Angela work?

Players will only need to open the game and once they are in, they can start performing different tasks or play different mini-games.