My Disney Experience

Planning to go to Disney World any time soon? You can make your experience even better thanks to one of the most amazing apps from Disney! Thanks to My Disney Experience people can easily plan their following vacations to one of the Disney World parks from all over the world. Easily to use, and thanks to it, planning your vacations will take no time at all!

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Some important characteristics you should know about My Disney Experience

  • People can use My Disney Experience to get access to real-time waiting times on a Disney World park.
  • People can use My Disney Experience in order to set up a character greeting with the different Disney starts.
  • My Disney Experience will show people information about parades, events, and more.
  • People can use the in-app enhanced GPS in order to explore a Disney World park in an easier way.
  • In case you need to buy tickets for a Disney World park, you can do it through the app.
  • People can get access to a step-by-step guide to guide themselves through the different Walt Disney World Resorts.
  • People can buy merchandise directly from the app even before they arrive at a Disney World park.
  • With My Disney Experience, people can download, edit, and share the photos they have on the Disney PhotoPass.
  • People can manage their Disney account in order to manage tickets, payment methods, share plans, and more.

Some FAQ of My Disney Experience

How does the My Disney Experience app work?

It works with a Disney account, people must create it before using it to get access to all the in-app features.

What is My Disney Experience app used for?

My Disney Experience works in different ways. People can use it to reserve a trip, manage their account, use the in-app GPS when visiting a Disney World park, and more.

Does each person need a My Disney Experience account?

Yes! It is required that people have their own account to not have any kind of issue with it.

Is My Disney Experience app free to download and use?

Yes! People can use it completely for free.