MX Player

People who love music will always look for a way that lets them enjoy more what they are hearing. Most mobiles come with a default music player, but for most people, this is way too basic and does not meet the criteria they want. Therefore, apps like MX Player have come to save people’s lives thanks to an upgraded music player system with tons of features people are not used seeing.

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Some important characteristics you should know about MX Player

  • People can forget about those issues with different formats when playing videos; MX Player supports every single format that people want to use.
  • MX Player is the first music player in Android that uses a multi-core decoding system in order to improve up to 70% of the performance when people are using it.
  • Thanks to MX Player people can increase the size of what they are seeing by just pressing the screen. People can also slide what they are seeing in order to enjoy more the content they are watching.
  • People can customize their MX Player in order to have a more personalized music player.
  • MX Player gives access to unique features like moving subtitles from what people are watching, they can fast forward the subtitles, or increase the text size.
  • Parents can forget about worrying of the content they kids might be watching as MX Player has a pretty solid parental security system.

Some FAQ of MX Player

Is MX Player a free app?

Yes. People can get MX Player for free whenever they want.

How can I watch films on MX Player?

People will need to get the film file on their phones first. Once they have downloaded the file to their phones, people need to access the MX Player app and they will see the film and by only clicking on it, they will reproduce it.

Can I add subtitles on MX Player?

Yes. You can download the subtitles files from the internet and then add it to your MX Player in simple steps.

What is the difference between MX Player and MX Player Pro?

The main difference is that people will not find Ads in the Pro version, the rest of the features will stay the same.