If you are a baseball fan, you can’t miss the chance of having one of the most complete apps out there! Once you get the MLB app you will see that the way you are to seeing your favorite sports will completely change. The MLB is designed especially for those who don’t want to miss any match, and there are a ton of special features waiting for the users as well!

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Some important characteristics you should know about MLB

  • People can use the MLB app to watch or listen to the games that are taken place.
  • People who buy an MLB.TV subscriptions will have access to a lot more features.
  • The MLB app gives users the chance to watch in-game highlights in real-time without needing a subscription.
  • People can change the language of the matches if the option is available, but only to Spanish.
  • All the videos coming from the MLB app not only offers a high-quality video but also a 60FPS for a better experience.
  • People can access an MLB account from different devices at the same time to enjoy a match.
  • In case a user doesn’t have enough time to watch a full game, they can get access to the Condensed Games option.
  • People using the app have access to the MLB calendar, that way they can stay updated with the upcoming matches.
  • The MLB app also allows its users to read the latest news as they are posted in the app immediately.
  • People can use the MLB app to look for historical player cards that can’t be found in other places.

Some FAQ of MLB

How much does the MLB app cost?

The MLB app has two options for its subscribers. The monthly plan costs 2.99$, and the yearly plan costs 19.99$.

Can you watch live games on MLB app?

Yes! If you have a subscription, you can watch all the games available, if you don’t, you can only access the free game of the day.

How does the MLB app work?

The MLB app works in different ways. People can use it to stream MLB games, read news, and more. Once you log in to the app, you will see the different options that you can use.

Can I watch all games on MLB app?

If you are a subscriber of MLB.TV, yes! If not, you will only have access to the free game of the day.