Mint Browser

Have you grown tired of what traditional browsers work? Then, MINT Browser is the solution you have been expecting to have. Thanks to the impressive work they made, people can now have their incognito mode in an easier way, while also having access to a lot of different features only available in MINT!

Some important characteristics you should know about Mint

  • MINT is one of the fastest browsers available in the market thanks to its design.
  • Forget about worries when browsing online, MINT works alongside TOR, meaning that you will get a fully incognito mode when using it.
  • Don’t worry about information leaking, MINT has your back covered up.
  • MINT Browser designed a unique incognito mode called “Incognito+” which means that the info you’re looking for is only available for you and others will not receive any data from it.
  • Now you will have the chance to bookmark your favorite pages.
  • Incognito browsing history is available for you to look it whenever you want to.

Some FAQ of Mint

Is Mint Browser safe?

Yes. MINT Browser is focused on users’ safe.

How do I download from Mint Browser?

People can get MINT Browser from their app store in the blink of an eye.

What do people think about Mint?

As MINT Browser is a solution for security issues, people love it. It also offers the chance to have a safer browsing experience, so people it’s completely in love with the app.

What are the main features of Mint Browser?

The main features of MINT Browser are Incognito browsing history available, TOR functionality available, AD-blocker, among many others.