Microsoft Word

One of the most important and popular text editors is Microsoft Word. So, what about if you download Microsoft Word on your smartphone? All your documents will be on your phone whenever you need them. Enjoy creating awesome texts with incredible designs. Easy to use and many options available to create anything you come up with.

Download Microsoft Word for PC


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Some of the most important characteristics of Microsoft Word.

• Create, open, edit and print any document you want from Microsoft Word.
• Use all the options available for free.
• Many different tools to get a better and fresh touch for your texts are available.
• Use different and pre-created templates.
• Continue with your editing where you left off last time.
• You can access all your documents from your cloud.
• You can use this app from your smartphone.

FAQ about Microsoft Word

Why should I use Microsoft Word on my smartphone?

There are many different text editor apps for smartphones, but none of them are like Microsoft Word. This app has the following characteristics:
• Easy to use.
• Many tools and options.
• You can share from the app.
• It works on all devices.
There are better text editor apps than Microsoft Word, but perhaps in a specific area only, and they don’t perform well in all areas like Microsoft Word does.

Should I pay to use Microsoft Word?

You do not need to pay anything in order to use Microsoft Word on your devices, although there is a paid premium version. Anyway, you don’t need that version to use Microsoft Word.

Does Microsoft Word work on all devices?

Fortunately, Microsoft Word works on all devices, on Android devices as well as iOS devices, so no need to worry about that. In addition, Microsoft Word can open many different types of files. That is why Microsoft Word is one of the most popular text editors in the world.

Can I use Microsoft Word to read books from my smartphone?

You can also read your books from Microsoft Word, but keep in mind that this app is not a real e-book reader, so it is better just to use it as an e-book reader only when you need to read a specific text, for example.
Does Microsoft Word have all the same tools on my smartphone as on my PC?
You will be able to find the same tools and options on your smartphone and on your PC. You will only have to look for them, since they can be found in other parts of the app and you maybe a little hard to find.

Is Grammarly avalaible for Microsoft Word?

Sure! Download Grammarly app and become a grammar machine!

In conclusion

You will need this text editor if you are a student, a writer, a reader, a worker or whatever. Installing Microsoft Word is necessary, since it will help you any time you aren’t near a PC.
Enjoy this app for Android and iOS devices for free. In addition, you can access all your documents from the Microsoft Word cloud and you can also synchronize your devices in order to see the changes from them all.