Microsoft SharePoint

Are you needing to get an app that will help you track overall productivity in your company? That’s ok, you can do it with Microsoft SharePoint in a pretty and fast way that can surprise you with all that it has to offer. People will no longer have to worry about not knowing how to track people, add pending tasks, and improve communication, with SharePoint, it will be done in seconds.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Microsoft SharePoint

  • People can use Microsoft SharePoint to easily share content with people who are on the same Microsoft subscription.
  • People can use Microsoft SharePoint to see how productive they are on their work.
  • Microsoft SharePoint allows users to easily browse through all the people added to the platform.
  • People can use the “Search” feature in order to find all the content that has been uploaded to the app.
  • Microsoft SharePoint allows users to easily personalize team sites, communication sites, and posts that are made on the app.
  • People can easily see and know what others are working on by just simply pressing their contact card.
  • Microsoft SharePoint is useful for people who need to send reports and tasks status with their teams.
  • Microsoft SharePoint allows its users to add multiple accounts to the app and switch between them in a matter of seconds.

Some FAQ of Microsoft SharePoint

What does the SharePoint app do?

SharePoint is an app that is meant to be used to improve overall working performance. It is also useful to communicate with other members of the same workspace, share content, and more.

How do I use SharePoint app?

First of all, you will need a Microsoft Office subscription to get SharePoint. Once you do this, you will need to log in, create a workspace, add people, and then you can start adding the content you need to it.

Do you need a Microsoft account to use SharePoint?

Yes. As SharePoint is developed by Microsoft, an account from them is required.

Is SharePoint a free app?

No. People can download the app for free, but they can only use it with a Microsoft subscription.