Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the newest and faster browser developed by the Microsoft Company. With an upgraded design, and unique features that were never seen in previous versions. You will now have more control, more privacy, and you will even become more productive with this browser. Take a step forward to the future and start using Microsoft Edge.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge will sync all the data you have saved in other devices that have logged in to the same account you are using.
  • People can enjoy the chance to search for what they are looking for with their voice or through signs thanks to Microsoft Bing.
  • Microsoft Edge offers its users safer navigation since day one thanks to the tracking prevention feature.
  • People can enjoy a completely redesigned navigation system where everything is much easier.
  • Users can take out ads in a pretty easy way thanks to a unique feature developed for Microsoft Edge.
  • People can block ads in order to make their browsing experience faster and less annoying.

Some FAQ of Microsoft Edge

What is the difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Edge is the newest version of the old-fashioned Internet Explorer. It has a refreshed look and better navigation features, which happens to be great for users.

Is Microsoft Edge free to use?

Yes, Microsoft Edge is completely free to use.

What is the point of Microsoft Edge?

The point of Microsoft Edge is to compete against other “premium” browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. It has improved the way users used to feel the app and it has become a pretty important browser.

Is Microsoft Edge a safe browser?

Yes, it actually is one of the safest browsers people can use nowadays.