Microsoft Bing Search

We know that there are tons of useful apps that we can use to browse and search for what we need to find. But, Microsoft Bings knows that they need to be a step ahead of their competition. While using the app you will find out that is not a simple browser and that it will give you more features than you can ever imagine having on an app of this style.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Microsoft Bing Search

  • Microsoft Bing Search added a different homepage for those who are using it, meaning that they will find the information they are interested in while also getting easy access to other Microsoft apps.
  • People using Microsoft Bing to find determined information will have the chance to get trusted results and even better recommendations.
  • Microsoft Bing Search will offer its users the chance to win different rewards that they can later claim.
  • People using Microsoft Bing Search will have access to over 100 different games, including Microsoft classic games.
  • Microsoft Bing Search allows users to easily search for a determined picture by simply uploading it to the app.
  • Microsoft Bing Search added its own translator, meaning that people can easily translate what they need without needing to use another app or service.
  • People can command Microsoft Bing Search with their voice, no need to write on the app.

Some FAQ of Microsoft Bing Search

Is Bing a Microsoft search engine?

Yes. As the name stands, Microsoft Bing Search is intended to be used as a search engine, but it also includes other features.

How do I use Microsoft Bing?

People simply need to use a browser where they have Microsoft Bing and once they open it, it will directly open on the homepage of the app.

Are my Microsoft search in Bing searches private?

Yes. Microsoft Bing has given a step forward on making searches more private to protect users’ privacy.

Is Microsoft Bing safe?

Yes. We can even say that Microsoft Bing is safer than other search engine services out there.