Messenger Lite

The Facebook messaging system is now lighter than ever! Messenger Lite has come to make the same functions as Messenger, but now everything is lighter which is great for old phones or for people who have low memory! Take a step forward and start using Messenger Lite to make things easier.

Download Messenger Lite for PC


Download Messenger Lite for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about Messenger Lite

  • Just like Messenger, people can use the Lite version to chat with people, and they can also use it to call them if they are on Facebook or Instagram.
  • People can see who’s online to enhance the communication process.
  • People can send all kinds of stickers, photos, and videos to communicate with others.
  • Messenger Lite allows “Dark Mode” just like the standard Messenger app.
  • People can create groups to chat with different people at the same time with no issue at all.
  • Messenger Lite has the option to search for people to make things easier for users.
  • It consumes less data than the standard Messenger version.

Some FAQ of Messenger Lite

What is the difference between Messenger and Messenger Lite?

Messenger has more features for people, but it consumes more data and occupies more space in your mobile. On the other hand, Messenger Lite offers almost the same features and occupies less space on your phone.

Is Messenger Lite free?

Yes, Messenger Lite is completely free.

Does Messenger Lite have a video call option?

Yes. Messenger Lite kept the video call option.

Does Messenger Lite have dark mode?

Yes. People can activate dark mode on Messenger Lite.