Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the best way to shop online, which brings together items from all your favorite brands. Find all the products you are looking for from our online application. You can even find refurbished and second hand products. Manage all your purchases directly from Mercado Libre, save money comparing prices and comfortably receive your orders at home.

Some important characteristics you should know about Mercado Libre

  • Available for millions of users in twelve countries in Latin America, MercadoLibre has two options for posting offers: free basic, with a higher sales commission, and paid normal, which allows you to make your product stand out for a small fee.
  • Mercado Libre you will not have any English- speaking support. Just in Spanish.
  • The e-commerce platform where thousands of products are traded every day, has an Android version from which you can not only buy products but also post your own to sell them.
  • The products are ordered by category and can be secondhand or new.
  • In each category you will find hundreds of thousands of different products, meticulously ordered first by category, then by brand and model, allowing you to instantly find what you are looking for.
  • This Android version of MercadoLibre allows you to save any product as a favorite to always follow its status, and then buy it if you decide you want to.

Some FAQ of Mercado Libre

How many Mercado Libre accounts can I have?

You just can have one single account.  If you want to open a new account, you must cancel the one you have and then you can open a new one.

How to create a company account in Mercado Libre?

You must select the option creating new account, creating new business account. For having a business account at MercadoLibre, you must complete following information: Unique Tax Identification Code, business name, your mail, you must create a key code and then you are ready for sign up.

What is the purpose of Mercado Libre?

Enabling users easier and better ways to pay and sell with the purpose of democratizing commerce and payments in the region.

In which countries does Mercado Libre work?

It is present in 18 countries including: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Peru.