Do you have a math problem? Check out Mathway. This tool will allow you to solve different math problems, and it will show you the solution step by step, so you can learn the whole process. Mathway covers basic math, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, chemistry and many more. Just type in the problem (or take a picture of it), and let Mathway do the work.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Mathway

  • Mathway has tons of different math exercises solved and people can get access to them.
  • People can use Mathway wherever they are in order to solve the hardest exercises, for free.
  • There are millions of users looking and giving out help each day so help will always be there for people.
  • Mathway not only offers the chance to solve math exercises, but people can also get help in subjects like algebra, statistics, chemistry, and many other excerises.
  • Every single exercise that is solved has a pretty detailed solution, so people can get the answer they are looking to have.
  • There’s no need to write down the exercise you want help with, people can simply take a picture of it and the problem will be solved.
  • Mathway is one of the biggest free math libraries in the whole world.

Some FAQ about Mathway

What kind of problems can Mathway solve?

Mathway can solve problems from different subjects, like math, chemistry, statistics, algebra, and many other subjects.

Which is the difference between Mathway and Photomath?

Mathway is an app that helps people solving different math, algebra, chemistry, etc. problems. On the other hand, Photomath is used to test your math abilities with different problems.

Can Mathway do word problems?

Yes. People can write down their problems and Mathway will find a way to solve them.

Does Mathway solve problems step by step?

Yes. Mathway will solve the different problems people can have step by step if they need it that way.

Should I get the paid premium version?

The premium version will give you access to more features, but we recommend it for people who are always working with math problems. In case you only need to solve a few math-related problems, then you can stick with the free version.