Still don’t know the traditional Chinese game Mahjong? You will have a board full of overlapping tiles. You will have to select the pairs of identical tiles to eliminate them. The goal of the game is to run out of tiles. It is a perfect game to train your mind and improve your memory. It has more than 180 levels to test your skills.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Mahjong

  • People can get free hints to complete different levels for free.
  • There are different challenges on a daily basis to challenge yourself.
  • There are different layouts, each one with a unique and beautiful design.
  • People can get up to 1000 different boards in order to change their gaming experience a bit.
  • Mahjong gives the chance to do as many undos as people want in order to complete different levels.
  • People can customize each one of their boards in order to have a unique gaming experience.
  • Mahjong offers the chance to challenge yourself thanks to the personal statistics board.
  • People can get access to the game wherever they are, even if they don’t have an internet connection.

Some FAQ of Mahjong

Why is Mahjong so popular?

Mahjong is considered to be a classic game. People have fallen in love with it and it has provided tons of fun for people. It is definitely one game that is worth playing and that people find pretty interesting nowadays.

Can you play Mahjong with more friends?

No. Mahjong is designed as a game for only one player.

What are the rules of Mahjong?

The main rule is that people need to collect similar pieces, there’s no chance for people to collect different pieces, another rule is that once the game is stuck, is over.

In what devices can you play Mahjong?

People can play Mahjong in mobiles and tablets.