Magic Tiles 3

The game where you will combine different instruments in a single place has finally come to your hands! Get the chance to play your favorite songs in this amazing game where you will need to move your fingers as fast as you can! Prove your friends and the world why are you the best in Magic Tiles and unlock new skills that will help you in real life!

Download Magic Tiles 3 for PC


Download Magic Tiles 3 for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about Magic Tiles 3

  • People who play Magic Tiles will get access to two different playing modes where they will get the chance to choose which instrument they’ll play, or they can face another player in a music battle.
  • Magic Tiles 3 offers the chance for people who wants to play with their friend’s thanks to the “Advanced Battle Mode”
  • There are tons of different songs to play. People can choose between classic Piano songs that most people might have heard about, or they can play popular pop songs.
  • There’s a mode that will put players to their limit as it meant to improve their piano skills.
  • Magic Tiles 3 have a premium subscription that people can buy that will grant access to tons of unique content that’s not available in the base game.yES

Some FAQ of Magic Tiles 3

Is Magic Tiles 3 for free?

Yes. There are some paid features, but most Magic Tiles 3 is completely free.

Can you play Magic Tiles 3 offline?

Yes. People can get access to the game even if they don’t have an internet connection.

Does Magic Tiles 3 use data?

Yes. But it will only consume your mobile data if you are using the online mode.

What to do with coins in Magic Tiles 3?

Coins in Magic Tiles 3 are meant to be used to purchase new levels. If you don’t have any level left to play, then you must use your coins in order to buy new levels.