There are tons of different apps out there that allow people to connect with their family and friends wherever they are, whenever they want! LINE is one of those apps that has improved the world of communication thanks to unique features that no other app has around the world. Thanks to its features and many other characteristics, LINE is one of the most impressive communication apps!

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Some important characteristics you should know about LINE

  • Line allows people to communicate with almost an unlimited amount of people while having video calls.
  • Users can decide whether they want to talk with up to 200 friends, or maybe they can get a more private session talking one by one of their friends.
  • People can forget about annoying discussions, thanks to the “Survey” option available for everyone.
  •  LINE offers the chance for people to communicate with other users for free with calls and videocalls, no matter where they are, as long as they are users of the app.
  • People can use different effects and filters in order to customize how they look in video calls.
  • LINE offers the chance for people to send messages, photos, videos, stickers, and many other features in order to have a more fun conversation.
  • LINE can be sync with different devices, therefore, you will not lose any of your chats or information.
  • People have a unique system for saving their data called “Keep” that can be used to save different useful information.

Some FAQ of LINE

What is LINE used for?

LINE is used for communication purposes. People can use it to chat or have calls with their friends and family.

Is LINE a safe app?

Yes. LINE is a pretty safe app to use on your PC or phone.

Does LINE show your phone number?

No. People will not see your phone number while using LINE.

How can you know if someone is using LINE?

If you want to know who’s using LINE, the best you can do is to download the application and use it for a while. Once you started using it, you will see how many of your friends and family are there waiting for you to chat with them.