Are you tired of not having enough apps to edit your videos and photos? Don’t you like the idea of using the old-fashioned Instagram filters? Then Likee is most likely what you have been looking for. Thanks to tons of unique features and effects, people can now use Likee to edit their videos and photos to impress everyone who’s around them with some simple clicks!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Likee

  • Likee is the perfect tool for people to edit short videos alongside photos thanks to different effects that will not be found in other apps.
  • People can use tons of different stickers in order to give a “special touch” to most of their pictures.
  • Likee gives the chance for people to add music to their videos or photos in order to create a never-seen effect.
  • People not only have the chance to create unique videos and photos, they can also watch content that has been created by other members of the app.
  • Likee will only show you content that is interesting for you, the app will not show up content that is not attractive for you.
  • People can get free access to the “Magical effects” that will give the chance for people to get a better photo or video.
  • Likee allows people to find users who are near them in case they want to meet each other.

Some FAQ of Likee

Is Likee a safe app?

Yes. Likee is a pretty safe app to use.

Is Likee similar to TikTok?

It is somehow similar to TikTok, but Likee has some features that can’t be found on TikTok.

What is Likee used for?

Likee is used for video and photo editing, also, people can also enjoy the content that is created by other users of the community.

Can you find friends in Likee?

Yes. People can find new friends in Likee thanks to the “Near Me” option the app has.