Does your phone give you a headache as you have a hard time taking screenshots? Maybe you don’t have the chance to take screenshots with the usual buttons, so why not make things a lot easier? Lightshot is designed for that. People can use it and take screenshots in a faster way than you could ever imagine, so you can say goodbye to complicated methods of taking a screenshot!

Download LightShot for PC


Download LightShot for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about LightShot

  • Something amazing about Lightshot is the fact that people can take screenshots and keep them in a cloud.
  • People using Lightshot only need to press two buttons: Power+Volume and the screenshot is taken.
  • In case your buttons are damaged, you can go for a simpler option that allows you to have a floating button to screenshot as many times as you want.
  • People can use Lightshot to edit the screenshots they have taken with just a click.
  • Lightshot editor has tons of features, so people don’t have to worry about using another app to edit their creations.
  • People can use Lightshoot to share their screenshots to different apps using a link or directly sending the image.
  • In case you want to save the images directly to your phone, you can configure the app to make it that way.

Some FAQ of LightShot

Is LightShot safe to use?

Yes! Lightshot has proven to be an app that is safe to use.

Do LightShot images expire?

Yes. In case you have saved your images in the LightShot cloud, the images will expire after 6 months of not viewing them.

How do I take a screenshot on my LightShot?

People have two different methods to take a screenshot. Using the Power+Volume buttons, or using the floating button to take screenshots.

Where do LightShot screenshots go?

LightShot screenshots can go directly to the app cloud, or to your phone, it’s up to you to choose where it goes.