Keeping your family connected is something that everyone in the world will like to do. Safety is a must for most people around the world, and now there are tons of options to make it possible. With Life 360 keep everyone you love connected with a comprehensive safety feature that will make you feel safe no matter where you go thanks to the advanced features it has.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Life360

  • Life360 is the perfect app to send silent alerts to let others know where you are in case of an emergency.
  • People only need to send an SOS message to alert everyone who is part of your important contacts in LIfe360.
  • Life360 has an amazing 24/7 emergency dispatch that is always ready to help everyone who needs it.
  • If someone can’t ask for the emergency dispatch from Life360, the app can do it by itself with a simple click.
  • Life360 works alongside specialists that will provide real-time support if someone needs it, no matter the situation.
  • People using Life360 will be protected against identity theft from other peple.
  • While using Life360, people can get access to coverage that will let them have up to 1M$ coverage.

Some FAQ of Life360

Can Life360 read texts?

It can only read messages between those family members that are part of the app, the app will not read messages from other contacts.

What does the Life360 app do?

Life360 is an app that will give people the safeness they need. It also gives coverage and gives people emergency help if needed.

Can Life360 see when you are on your phone?

Life360 will only notify people who are members of your inner circle, no other user will know about it.

What can your parents see on Life360?

Life360 is perfect for keeping everyone safe as it will let others know about dangerous behaviours, where you are, and more.