LG ThinQ

LG offers this application based on artificial intelligence to interconnect the LG smart home appliances in the house, as well as the rest of the LG technologies capable of connecting to the Internet, called IOT (Internet of Things). You will no longer need any remote control, just by saying “Hello, LG” you will be able to enjoy all the functionalities of its technologies.

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Some important characteristics you should know about LG ThinQ

  • The home assistant that goes wherever you go, the ThinQ app comes with an intuitive interface and intelligent features to make your life good at home. LG Electronics is reducing worries for users while maximizing ease and fun through the LG ThinQ mobile app.
  • Launched in November 2015 and currently available in more than 150 countries, the app provides unparalleled convenience in lifestyle by connecting LG’s astounding range of ThinQ-powered AI appliances and Wi-Fi connected devices.
  • The LG ThinQ app makes it possible to conveniently control your home from wherever, so you can remotely switch on, turn off, start, stop, or adjust settings on ThinQ appliances. You can use the app to download new, specialized cycles for the washing machine and dryer, adjust the temperature setting on the air conditioner, and take care of chores without leaving the couch and watch your favorite show on TV.

Some FAQ about LG ThinQ

What is a LG ThinQ device?

The LG ThinQ app makes it possible to conveniently control your home from wherever, so you can remotely switch on, turn off, start, stop, or adjust settings on ThinQ appliances. Its appliances work with the Google Assistant on devices like the Google Home and are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can use simple voice commands to control your connected home.

What do people think about LG ThinQ?

Mostly people think that LG has a long way to go to turn this into a working product. Only turns off the TV. Nothing else works. The Setup instructions sometimes are incomplete or wrong.

What can you control with LG ThinQ app?

The app provides users with seamless management to their connected smart home products via a wide range of features that aim to deliver significant energy and time savings.

Why does LG ThinQ need access to phone calls?

Phone permission is required for ThinQ app to read the device identifiers such as unique Android device ID. The access permissions are required for LG ThinQ app to provide various features such as weather updates.