Shopping should be something fun that you can do whenever you want to, no headaches included in the process! Most of the companies might not know that, but Kroger surely does and now thanks to the app you will get access to one of the most complete shopping apps! Start buying today and you will see how your shopping experience will become better thank to Kroger!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Kroger

  • People can use Kroger to shop online, or they can also use it to create a list of what they need and shop in-store with the app.
  • Kroger allows its users to ask for their order to be delivered, or they can pick it up directly from the store.
  • Kroger has unique weekly deals that everyone can get access to, but they vary depending on the user.
  • In case you have any coupons that you want to use on Kroger, you can add them to the Kroger Shopper’s Card.
  • People can save more money if they choose items coming from the Smart Suggest option.
  • Kroger not only offers people the chance to buy food, home essentials, among other products. They can also use it to get access to a 24/7 Pharmacy.
  • People can use Kroger in order to get fuel points that they can later claim for free gas.

Some FAQ of Kroger

How does the Kroger app work?

Kroger is quite similar to the rest of the shopping apps out there. You log in, choose what you need, pay, choose if you want delivery or pick-up service, and you are ready to go.

Why should you buy at Kroger?

Kroger looks to give users rewards. So, if you keep buying in the store, you will get rewards from them, as well as unique deals that will let you save money.

How do you use coupons on Kroger app?

People need to add their coupon to the Shopper’s Card. Once they are done, they will see the coupon balance is reflected when checking out.

Can I download Kroger app for free?

Yes! Everyone can get the app for free.