Kodi is one of the most famous free and open-source software media players people can find on the internet. The app uses an amazing 10-foot interface that is meant to be used by people as a media player for their living room. It is the perfect app to search for all kinds of videos, photos, podcasts, music, among other files in a pretty easy and fast way that no other app offers!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Kodi

  • People will need to have a device that will provide them local or remote storage in order to properly use Kodi as the app asks for it when you start using it.
  • Kodi allows people to install third-party plugins whenever users want, that way they can get access to a lot more content.
  • All the third-party plugins that can be installed in Kodi can be found on the provider’s website.
  • People can customize their Kodi app in order to get different skins. This can make the app more user-friendly, and it can also make it faster than it used to be.
  • Something important that is not frequently mentioned about Kodi is the fact that it won’t work well in devices that are smaller than 5″.

Some FAQ of Kodi

What is Kodi used for?

Kodi is open-source software that allows people to manage all their multimedia files in an easy way.

Is Kodi worth it?

Yes, Kodi is a pretty worth app to have.

Can I get Kodi for free?

Yes, people can download Kodi for free.

Why Kodi is that popular?

Kodi has become quite popular due to the fact of what it offers. People can easily manage all their multimedia files in an easier way, which is amazing and that’s whats has made the app more popular.