Sometimes, chances are that you need more money to buy all the things you need, even if we are talking about a cent. But, what if we can find a way to make things a lot easier for people? With Klarna, shopping is about to be a whole new experience that you have never imagined in the past. Get all the items that you want and pay later, is as simple as that!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Klarna

  • Klarna will show users new deals each day. Also, there are special discounts for everyone using the app.
  • People who get started into Klarna will get the chance to claim a 5$ reward when they create an account.
  • Klarna also offers other bonuses to its users. The more you shop, the more you will be rewarded.
  • People can track all the orders they made through Klarna. The app will show delivery times, pickup codes, and if needed, it will guide users to where they will pick up their package.
  • People can activate alerts on Klarna to know whenever a new deal is taking place on the app.
  • Klarna allows users to easily create collections on the app that can be later shared with people on other social media platforms.
  • Klarna will let users pay in 4 installments, but if you pay your debts on time, your spending limit will increase. Also, it will unlock new offers and deals that are exclusive to “Premium” users.
  • In case you have been spending time searching for items on Klarna, the app will start giving recommendations based on your browsing history.

Some FAQ of Klarna

Can you only use Klarna so many times?

No. There’s no limit when using Klarna, it actually rewards you if you are a constant user.

What is Klarna used for?

Klarna is an app that allows users to buy what they want and pay for it later.

Can I get the Klarna app for free?

Yes. Everyone can get the Klarna app for free.

Can I have 2 Klarna accounts?

Yes, but beware that you will need to add a different bank account or your previous account will not work.