Are you looking for an incredible video editor? KineMaster is the solution. You will be able to edit videos from your smartphone. This app contains free tools to edit your videos. It is easy-to-use, full-featured, and it is loaded with powerful tools. You could also get more tools unlucking KineMaster Premium.

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Some of the most important characteristics of KineMaster

• There are different effects pre-created ready to use.
• Improve the audio of your videos, use awesome effects and filters.
• You can synchrinize KineMaster with Google Drive. Thus, you will be able to keep your videos in a safe place.
• Play your videos in 1080p.
• Share your projects on your social networks.

KineMaster subscripton

Nowadays, you can get the paid premium version of KineMaster for a month or for a year. Once you get the premium version, you will be able to use all the tools, options, effects, new filters and additional features of KineMaster. In case you do not want to pay for a premium version, you will still be able to use KineMaster, but your project will have a watermark on it: “Made by KineMaster”.

FAQ about KineMaster

Is KineMaster a good app to edit videos, photos or audios?

KineMaster is one of the best apps to edit videos, photos or audios; it is a very complete app. In addition, you do not need a powerful device and KineMaster is a very easy app to use and understand. You can use many pre-created features, like effects or filters; choose those effects or filters you like the most and drag them to your video or photo and your edition will be perfect.

Can I share my videos made by KineMaster?

You can share your project from KineMaster to your social networks. Once you have finished editing your video, photo or audio, you will be able to share it on your social networks. It will help not lose visual quality and will help also upload your project automatically.

How can I remove the watermark from my projects?

I am afraid you will not be able to remove the KineMaster watermark, unless you get the paid premium version of KineMaster. YouToube will also allow you to remove that watermark for free, but this will not last forever.

Does KineMaster work on all devices?

You will be able to install and use KineMaster on all your devices, but have in mind: if you are using an Android device, it has to be the version 5.0 or higher. In case you are using an iOS device, it has to be the version 1.14 or higher.

Do I have to take photos, record audios or film videos with my own device?

In order to edit any media file you do not need to do it with your own device. You can use any file you have downloaded before from any site or any file you have been sent. That is an important characteristic of this app, since you do not depend on your device.

In conclusion

Thanks to KineMaster you will be able to edit your media files with the tools, effects, filers and many other features. In addition, do not need to be an expert in edition, since KineMaster is very easy to use and understand. It also counts with a shop just if you need more features made by KineMaster or other users of the app.
In addition, you will be able to share your project without losing visual quality. Enjoy this app and create awesome pieces of art to share to your friends and family members.