IQ test

This IQ test will help you determine your IQ based on Raven’s standard progressive matrices. It will measure fluid intelligence, and your reasoning and problem solving ability. You will have to answer 60 questions, the complexity of which increases as you progress. The tests assess your ability to store and retrieve information, learn and solve problems.

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Some important characteristics you should know about IQ Test

  • IQ Test uses the famous Raven matrix which is perfect for these types of tests.
  • The IQ Test evaluates different knowledge that people can get in order to provide a proper result.
  • The IQ Test will evaluate the comprehension of patterns and the capacity to evaluate and keep information to use later on.
  • Beware that the IQ Test doesn’t provide a proper conclusion, it actually gives a close-to score to people’s real IQ.
  • The IQ Test has an increasing difficulty. This means that each question will be harder than the past one.
  • Beware that there are different subjects that will be evaluated once you start using the app.
  • There are 60 different questions that need to be solved in order to get a proper result.

Some FAQ of IQ Test

Why is the IQ Test app so popular?

It is pretty popular thanks to the information it provides. People can get a pretty accurate IQ result which is great due to people wanting to know how smart they are.

What does the IQ Test measure?

The IQ Test measures the intelligence quotient, which helps people understand how smart they actually are.

How many questions does IQ Test contain?

The IQ Test has 60 different questions that change each time you take it.

What do people think about IQ Test?

People have been saying that the app is pretty amazing thanks to how it works. Thanks to the way the app provides people with questions and a pretty accurate result of how smart they are, it has gained more fame over people.