iHeart Radio

You should be capable of listening to all the music that you love through your phone, and now you can make it possible with iHeart Radio! Thanks to this app, you will get access not only to one of the hugest music libraries you can find on the internet, but you will also get access to podcasts, radio stations, and a lot of other features that are waiting for you in the app!

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Some important characteristics you should know about iHeart Radio

  • People using iHeart Radio will get access to thousands of different AM and FM radio stations from all over the world.
  • With iHeart Radio, people will get access to famous stations such as ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and more.
  • iHeart Radio has its own podcasts library that is constantly being updated with content from different sources.
  • People can follow their favorite podcasts on the app in order to stay tuned for the newest updates.
  • People can download music and podcasts from iHeart Radio to listen to them while being offline.
  • The iHeart Radio app will give people the chance to play music and podcasts at different speeds.
  • iHeart Radio will give people recommendations about content that they might like according to what they have heard before.
  • People can easily filter among different music genres in order to find what they want to hear.
  • iHear Radio will create a weekly mixtape with the songs and artists you have heard the most.
  • iHeart Radio added a personalized radio station in which people will only hear things that they truly like.
  • People can use the app for free for as long as they want to, but they can also get access to the premium version to unlock new features.

Some FAQ of iHeart Radio

Can I listen to iHeart Radio for free?

Yes! People can use iHeart Radio for free for as long as they want to without any kind of issue.

How do I use iHeart Radio app?

Once people are using the app, they will need to choose what they want to hear: music, podcasts, or radio stations. Once it’s done, they simply need to choose what station, artist, or podcast they want to hear and enjoy.

Can you listen to iHeart Radio without WiFi?

Yes, but for this, you will need to have a premium subscription to download music from the app. Otherwise, it will only work with a WiFi connection.

How many songs can you skip for free on iHeart Radio?

People can get 6 free skips per radio station, and a total of 15 skips in the “All Artists” radio station.