Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to keep all your apps connected in a single place? We know that sometimes it can be annoying to control different apps and we can feel overwhelmed by doing it, but that’s not an issue anymore. Thanks to IFTTT you will be able to control all your apps in a single place with some easy steps that everyone can do.

Some important characteristics you should know about IFTTT

  • People will have the chance to control the information coming from sites like The New York Times.
  • IFTTT will help you to stay tuned with the latest news about the weather in your city.
  • Users will be able to control everything that’s around them while using devices like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • You can message your roommates while being outside in case they need something.
  • You can add different shopping apps to it and receive the latest news and deals from them.
  • Users can stay tuned to their social media accounts while using IFTTT without leaving the app.
  • IFTTT can be used to back up different files, like photos, videos, or even other important files.
  • Perfect to control smart devices in your house without needing to install other apps.


What is IFTTT used for?

IFTTT is basically an app manager. People can use it to manage up to 600 different apps while having access to their main features.

Can IFTTT be trusted?

Yes, IFTTT can be trusted by its users.

What apps does IFTTT work with?

The IFTTT app works with countless devices and apps. Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Calendar, Craiglist, are only some examples of what you can manage with IFTTT.

Does IFTTT work without Internet?

No. You will always need an internet connection to use IFTTT.