Hulu is an entertaining app in order to watch films, videos or streaming videos. It was created in 2007 thanks to the companies NBC and Focus, so two big companies support this application. You will be able to watch so much different content, like old and new series, videos, streaming videos, films… from wherever you are. Do you have children at home? They will be also interested in Hulu, since they will be able to see their favourite animated cartoons.

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Some of the most important characteristics of Hulu

• Hulu also counts with more than 60 TV channels, so you do not to pay for TV channels anymore. Install Hulu on your smart TV and enjoy all those different channels.
• It is also important to know that Hulu can be installed in different devices. For example, smartphones, PC, tablets, laptops and, even, new video consoles.
• There are many different series, films, videos, streaming videos and so on. Enjoy old and new content and your favourite films and series.
• You can even receive a notification when your favourite series have uploaded a new episode. Keep up with your favourite content.
• Hulu allows you to keep on watching your content exactly where you left off last time.

Some FAQ about Hulu

What is the best option, Hulu or Netflix?

The best option will really depend on your needs, so there is not a definitive answer.
Each app has positive and negative things. Both apps counts with hundreds of series, videos or films, but the main difference between Hulu and Netflix is that Hulu counts with TV channels too, and that does not exist in Netflix.

Does Hulu work in any device?

As I said before, you will be able to use Hulu in any device: you can use it on smartphones, tablets, PC, laptops, video consoles… However, have in mind that you will need to update your Android or iOS devices in order to install Hulu, since old versions will not be able to run the application.

Why is Hulu that famous at present?

It was developed in 2007 but it became popular recently. Thanks to these two different companies that support Hulu (they are Focus and NBC), Hulu has become one of the most popular app for watching different visual content at present.
In addition, the fact of counting with TV channels has made Hulu be a perfect complement to your life. Many of them are famous channels around the world, and some of them do not even have advertising, so you will be able to watch them without interruptions.

In conclusion

Hulu is one of the most important video content app at present. It will also depend on your need, since there is a big competence called Netflix. Anyway, oddly enough, Hulu counts with more visual content than Netflix does, although it is also a very attractive app.