How to get Robux free for Roblox

One of the most outstanding features of this game is the Robux (R$), a monetary unit which governs the buying and selling operations in Roblox. It is also available on other sites and you need to pay to get this currency, or at least that was what you thought until now.

Keep reading because the following paragraphs will reveal the different ways to get Robux for free.

Ways to get Robux for free

Below you will learn how to get Robux for free legally in order to obtain improvements and features of Roblox which allow you to advance to new levels and access tools to improve the performance of your character.

Roblox Affiliate Program

As the first option to get Robux for free, you have at your disposal the Roblox affiliate program, a simple method where all you have to do is promote any game or article on the platform through a link.

To get it, first you have to log into Roblox with your account. Once this is done, select the game or article you want to share. This will take you to a page where you must click on any of the buttons corresponding to the social network on which you want to distribute the link.

For each user who accesses Roblox through your link and becomes an active player of the platform you have the opportunity to receive 5% of the Robux they buy.

This means that if 10 contacts registered through your link make an accumulated purchase of 10 thousand Robux you will get 500 free Robux, calculated as 5% of that amount.

The best thing about this method is that you can benefit every time your contacts buy Robux, without any limits on the number of referrals or Robux you can accumulate.

Selling Game Passes

The unique thing about this way to get Robux for free is that you must have added a developed game to the Roblox catalog, although if you are an experienced connoisseur of the game you may notice that there is not much complexity involved in their creation.

Once your game is incorporated along with the other Roblox titles you can sell game passes offering benefits to users who want to try your game.

It is important to point out that as a developer you will have the privilege of assigning the price you consider appropriate for the functionalities that you will offer when making your game available to Roblox users.

Lastly, if you are registered in Roblox as a free user, you have the possibility of receiving 10% of the profits generated by the sale of game passes and 70% if you are part of the BC (Builders Club).

Selling Game Access

This method for getting free Robux is similar to that of Game Passes, but with the difference that here, the game you develop must be of very high quality to generate great interest in users and make them want to participate in it.

This means that the Game Access will serve as a license that you will grant to all users who pay to access your game in Roblox and try it out.

The price of the Game Access will be set by you and the profits generated will be calculated based on a profit of 10% if you are a free user and 70% if you belong to the Builders Club. You must have been registered in Roblox for one month in order to sell Game Access.

Get Robux with Cash For Apps

Cash For Apps is an application designed to be used in iOS and Android devices whose use will allow you to get free Robux quickly and easily when you follow these steps:

  • Download the application from the store that corresponds to your iOS or Android device.
  • Once installed, go into the application. Cash For Apps will suggest you download applications to try on your device which you can uninstall if you are not satisfied with them.
  • Each time you perform this action Cash For Apps will give you points that you can then exchange for a Rixty Card gift after having reached three thousand points, equivalent to one thousand Robux that you can get with this card within Roblox.

Along with this, Cash For Apps has an affiliate program which allows you to accumulate extra points and exchange them for gift cards.

Get Robux with AppKarma

Another application with which you can win free Robux is AppKarma. You can achieve this goal after accumulating 9500 points obtained by completing surveys, as well as the installation and testing of applications suggested by AppKarma.

These points can be exchanged for a $10 Rixty Card, equivalent to one thousand Robux where you also have the possibility of accumulating points by applying to the AppKarma affiliate program with which you can earn up to 300 points for each registered user through your link.

Get Robux with Google Opinion Rewards

Available for Android, Google Opinion Rewards is an application made up of simple surveys which when successfully completed will allow you to accumulate points and then exchange them for a gift card that you can use in Roblox to get free Robux.

With the completion of 3 surveys you will get a score high enough to acquire 50 Robux with the advantage of getting a higher score if you live in the United States or Europe, in contrast to Latin American users.

Try to create a viral game

Continuing with the list of alternatives to get free Robux is the creation of a viral game whose structure will not need to be very elaborate.

Taking into account the 65 million users that make up the Roblox community, viralizing a game on this platform will increase your chances of getting free Robux.

This means that if a million of those users use your game you will acquire the privilege of granting game passes and game access simultaneously and at the price of your choice, further expanding your profit margin to get free Robux and earn a lot of money.

To achieve this, however, it is necessary to focus the development of your game on a specific theme and audience.

Builders Club

Unlike other options to get free Robux, this involves paying your share of a subscription, either monthly or annual, to be part of a select group which will give you a number of advantages when you’re creating worlds and developing your games.

One of the advantages of this method to get free Robux is that when you register as a new member you will receive a large amount of these initially as a welcome bonus.

Added to this, you will get an amount of free Robux daily, based on the level you reach within the Builders Club, taking into consideration the following ranges:

  • Classic: 15 free Robux per day
  • Turbo: 35 Robux free per day
  • Outrageous: 60 Robux free everyday

Now that you have discovered the different methods of getting Robux free for Roblox, you only have to try them and choose the one that is best or easiest for you to comply with.