Running out of ideas while decorating your house? That’s something that happens quite a lot, even some people think it only happens to them. But, now thanks to Houzz you will get access to a whole new world where you will be able to get the best design ideas for your house, hire a professional to decorate your house, or simply fantasize about how something would look like on your house.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Houzz

  • There are over 20 different million photos that people can browse and get the inspiration they need.
  • People can easily filter what they are looking for so they can get inspiration easily, whether it is their living room or the exterior of their house.
  • People can easily share the photos from Houzz with their friends and family to receive their opinions about how something would look like.
  • Houzz has an in-app sketch feature where people can draw what they want on photos that are uploaded to the app.
  • People can use Houzz to buy the items they want to get. There are over 5 million products that can be bought directly from Houzz.
  • There are unique discounts that only people using Houzz are able to get from the different products that are sold in the app.
  • People can use Houzz’s “Visual Match” technology in order to discover products that users see in other houses without having a hard time finding them.
  • Houzz allows its users to customize their house with different items, that way people can add different products and see how it would look like on your house.
  • People can hire professional decorators in order to work in their houses with the project they have in mind.

Some FAQ of Houzz

What is Houzz and how does it work?

Houzz is an app that will let you buy products for your house, see how some items would look like on your house, hire decorators, and more! You only need an account and you will be ready to go.

Is Houzz free?

Houzz is free for as long as you don’t buy any products or hire a professional to get something done. All the other features from the app are completely free for all its users!

Is Houzz app safe?

Yes! Houzz has proven to be a quite safe app that everyone can use without any issue at all.

Can I trust Houzz?

Yes. People can trust Houzz as it has proven to be safe while also giving a feeling of safeness.