Staying connected with those you love is one of the most important things you can do, no matter where you are! With the Houseparty app, you can connect face-to-face with those you care about even in the distance. Used mainly for chatting, people can use Houseparty to talk with friends, play a game together, or plan a movie night without making so much effort!

Some important characteristics you should know about HouseParty

  • People can use HouseParty to connect with their friends and play the same game while being in a meeting to make it funnier.
  • HouseParty allows up to 10 users per room, so you don’t need to worry if all your friends want to join.
  • HouseParty will let you know when your friends are online as it will send you a notification when they are available.
  • People will get direct access to some games that are built inside the app, like UNO.
  • Users can invite other friends to join a determined room with a simple invitation in a matter of seconds.
  • People can lock the rooms they create, that way only the people they know will join them.

Some FAQ of HouseParty

Is the Houseparty app safe?

Yes! All the HouseParty accounts have proven to be safe even though there were some misunderstandings in the past.

What can you do on HouseParty?

People can do lots of things on HouseParty! They can join video calls with their friends, play games, or simply chat.

What happens when you say hi on HouseParty?

If you press the button “Hi”, it will send a notification to your friends to let them know that you are ready to talk.

What does the orange dot on HouseParty mean?

The “Orange Dot” in HouseParty means that your “opponent” is around and are active.