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One of the newest games from VOODO is here to give players a whole new challenge that was never seen before! With you will need to prove how good you are at taking people, buildings, among many other things for you to become the master of the holes in the world. Are you prepared to challenge other people in this thrilling adventure?


Some important characteristics you should know about

  • is a completely renewed battle royale-like with a brand new gaming mode.
  • Matches in don’t last more than 2 minutes, which is amazing to play bunches of matches at once.
  • People can choose whether they want to play with friends or if they want to practice offline.
  • There are different maps where people can face their enemies and each one of them offers a different experience.
  • Depending on how many enemies users defeat, the hole in the game will become bigger and bigger.
  • People can pay in the game to remove the annoying ads that can be shown up while playing.

Some FAQ of

Are players real?

Yes! People might think that players aren’t real, or that they are bots, but the truth is that the players are real and are from all over the world.

Is online?

Yes but no. People can enjoy the game online, or offline, it will depend on them.

Why is so popular? is something similar to those old snake games where you needed to defeat your enemies. But, with a whole new way of providing users with a unique experience, the game became quite popular.

Can I play without Wi-Fi?

Yes. People can play without a Wi-Fi connection if they want to.

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Development description

The most addictive game!
Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle.
Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!