Helix Jump

There are a lot of games out there that mean a true challenge for most people who are looking for something to give them a bit of fun. That might sound like a problem, but once people see that there are solutions with incredible games, things change a bit as they found other ways to keep themselves entertained. With Helix Jump you will get into a minimalistic world filled with fun.

Download Helix Jump for PC


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Some important characteristics you should know about Helix Jump

  • Helix Jump controllers are easy to manage, as people will only need to tap on the screen to make it work.
  • Visual effects are one of the best things the game offers to people, as 3D graphics are pretty well executed.
  • There are different labyrinths people will need to bet if they want to prove their skills.
  • Each map available offers a different experience with a completely new level design which is great.

Some FAQ of Helix Jump

Is there an end to Helix Jump?

No. People can play Helix Jump as much as they want because there’s no end.

Is Helix Jump safe?

Yes, people can feel safe while having Helix Jump on their phones.

How do you get good at Helix Jump?

The most honest answer is, play a lot. Playing more will make you better at what you do, therefore, you will become better at Helix Jump.

What is the point of Helix Jump?

The point of Helix Jump is to reach the end of the labyrinth, which is  way way up.