GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of the great classics in the world of video games. All the people who had a PS2 console know this game. A few years ago, the world was totally impressed: The game was announced for mobile devices! Download it and start having adventures around the famous map of “Los Santos”

Download GTA San Andreas for PC


Download GTA San Andreas for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about GTA San Andreas

  • GTA San Andreas now has new graphics that will provide people a better gaming experience while playing on mobiles.
  • Characters inside GTA San Andreas have been improved and now have a more “realistic” look.
  • People can get the Social Club from Rockstar in order to save the files from their GTA game.
  • The game hasn’t changed a bit. The main story stayed the same which is amazing for gamers.
  • Controllers are pretty easy to use as they focus on camera control and movement.
  • GTA San Andreas gives the chance to play with controllers to give a more immersive experience.
  • People will need to become real Gangsters in order to take over Los Santos with CJ and his crew.

Some FAQ of GTA San Andreas

How do you complete GTA San Andreas?

In order to complete GTA San Andreas, you will need to complete the story mode which is pretty extensive and will take you hours to do so.

Is GTA San Andreas a real story?

No. GTA San Andreas is a fictional story.

Why is GTA San Andreas so popular?

GTA San Andreas is a classic game. It was one of the first GTA games that people played and enjoyed. Nowadays, people have a new chance to enjoy the game that changed the way of seeing things long ago. The story, the concept, everything shoot San Andres to the sky.

Is GTA San Andreas worth playing?

Yes. GTA San Andreas is definitely worth playing.