Google Opinion Rewards

Have you ever wanted to buy something from Google Play? Or maybe, you want simply want to buy content from your favorite game. But, spending real money on it might no be the best idea due to the fact that we have Google Opinion Rewards. You can now take reviews that were created by Google and you will earn money that will be available on your Google Play account!

Download Google Opinion Rewards for PC


Download Google Opinion Rewards for Mobile


Some important characteristics you should know about Google Opinion Rewards

  • Google Opinion Rewards surveys are created by the Google team, you won’t be answering questions on a different site.
  • People will receive surveys once per week and they can fill them whenever they want to.
  • The surveys that people can find on Google Opinion Rewards are pretty easy, they can be filled in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Surveys made by Google will have personal questions, or they will simply ask for an opinion about something.
  • There is no fixed price on the surveys that are sent by the Google Opinion Rewards team. People can earn from 0.01$ to 1$ per survey.
  • All the money that is received on the app can be immediately used in Google Play.

Some FAQ of Google Opinion Rewards

Is Google Opinion Rewards worth?

If you are looking for extra money to spend on Google Play, then yes!

Can you cash out Google Opinion Rewards?

All the cash you can get on Google Opinion Rewards will be given as Google Play credit, so you don’t actually get “cash”.

Is Google Opinion Rewards safe?

Yes! The app was developed by Google, so we can trust it.

What can I do with Google Opinion Rewards?

People can only fill surveys that are sent once per week in order to get some money that can be later on spend on Google Play.