Google One

Have you ever wondered how easy would it be for you to manage the information that is saved on your device? Wouldn’t it be hard to send all the information to a new phone? It might be, but you have the chance to use Google One to make things a lot easier for you. No need to worry about back-ups, the only thing you need is to install Google One and you are good to go.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Google One

  • People who download Google One will have immediate access to 15 free GB to back up whatever they want to.
  • Even though each Google One account comes with 15GB, people can upgrade the storage as there are different plans available for everyone.
  • People can use Google One to manage the storage in different Google apps such as Drive, Gmail, and Photos.
  • People can get access to an extra protection service as Google One offers a VPN service to keep everyone safer.
  • If you have previously chosen to pay for a subscription to get more storage, you can get access to Google Experts that will directly help you with the different Google products.
  • Google One allows its users to easily share the storage of one account with up to five different people.
  • People using Google One will see exactly how their storage is divided into different categories.

Some FAQ of Google One

What’s the difference between Google Drive and Google One?

You can say that they are basically the same, as they offer almost the same service. But, Google One offers different features that are not available in Google Drive, being this the main difference.

Do I need Google One?

If you are planning to change your phone, need to back up important information, or need to work with someone on a project, you will find it pretty useful to have.

What is Google One used for?

Google One is mostly used to save all kinds of information. People can use it to upload photos, videos, documents, and more.

Is Google One worth it?

Definitely, yes. Having a way to save your information in an online space is truly worth having.