Google Lens

Google Lens is here to make things easier for people! Say hello to a whole new wonderful world were looking for an object or finding information about a place you are visiting is easier than ever. Google Lens will help you out with different tasks in just a few seconds, there’s no need to worry about getting home and realizing complicated research.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Google Lens

  • Google Lens is perfect to identify plants and animals. You only need to open the app and “scan” what you are looking at to get an accurate result.
  • Perfect for translating text that you see in different places by simply taking a picture.
  • People can save important information from their friends or contacts for future use.
  • People can connect their Google Lens account with Google Calendar in order to match events pretty quickly.
  • Exploring now is easier than ever as Google Lens will provide you with information about everything that surrounds you.
  • Google Lens is perfect for people who are always shopping as it will provide information about similar objects that are near you.
  • The perfect tool for scanning QR codes.

Some FAQ of Google Lens

How do I get answers from Google Lens?

Just open up your app and take a picture of what you are looking at, that way you will receive an “answer” from Google Lens.

Can you scan handwritten documents with Google Lens?

Yes. People can scan all kinds of documents thanks to Google Lens.

Can Google Lens identify faces?

Yes, Google Lens has been improving its service in order to allow face scanning.

Can I get Google Lens for free?

Yes, people can use Google Lens for free.