Google Forms

Wondering how you can collect data from people without needing to ask them everything you need to know? Maybe you are trying to create a form to store data for a future project? Well, you can use Google Forms for whatever you want. People can easily create a form thanks to the app and access to them whenever they want to see the data they received.

Some important characteristics you should know about Google Forms

  • People can see the answers that a form received in different ways depending on the type of question that was made.
  • People can create different kinds of questions, such as open questions, multiple-choice, and many more.
  • Google Forms allows users to answer forms anonymously or they can display the name of the person if needed.
  • People can receive notifications whenever their Google Form received a new answer.
  • No need to worry about losing your Google Form, it will be always available on Google Drive.
  • People can create as many Google Forms as they want for whatever they need to.
  • People can customize their Google Form with images and different colors to make it more visually atractive.
  • Google Forms allows users to share the forms they created with other users to share the data they collected.

Some FAQ of Google Forms

How do I create a Google form?

People can create a Google Form from scratch or choose a template. People simply need to get into the Google Forms page and press the new button and start adding the question and the type of answers on it.

How do Google Forms work?

Google Forms works by receiving data that people write on the forms that they create. They can easily search for answers, analyze them, and work with them.

Do Google Forms work on mobile?

Yes! People can use it on mobiles too.

Is it safe to use Google Forms?

Yes! It is as safe as other Google apps.