Google Chat (before Hangouts Chat)

Communicating with a team can be hard work to do, and keeping a good communication rhythm is also difficult. But thanks to Google Chat people can now with their teams in a pretty easy way. You can now forget about those annoying apps that didn’t help you out to improve communications, and now you can get access to Google Chat to become a better team!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Google Chat

  • Google Chat is the perfect communication app for those who constantly work with Google apps, like Docs or Spreadsheet.
  • People can share documents inside Google Chat and forget about giving permission to people to access them as the access is immediately granted.
  • People can search through their conversations in a pretty easy way thanks to the filter option.
  • Each chat will keep a space where people will find all the documents that they have shared with other users.
  • Google is working hard to connect Google Chat with other apps from them to improve their service.
  • Google Chat is meant to be used by companies or large teams as it is only accessible through Google Workspace.
  • Google Chat offers all the security parameters that are available while using Workspace.

Some FAQ of Google Chat

Is Google Chat and Hangouts the same thing?

Yes, but no. Google Chat is the refreshed version of Hangouts, but nowadays Hangouts doesn’t belong to the G Suite from Google. They work in a pretty similar way, but Google Chat has more unique features for companies and teams.

Is Google Chat free?

No. People will need to pay for Google Workspace in order to use Google Chat.

Is Google Chat safe?

Yes. It is as safer as any other Google apps.

What do people think about Google Chat?

People who use Google Chat think that it is a pretty useful app. As it improves communication with their team, it is a great option to keep connected in a pretty easy way while also sharing important information without needing to switch to other apps.