Google Calendar

Keep an eye on everything you have to do thanks to Google Calendar! People are always having a hard time trying to keep their schedules tidy, but that might be hard to do. Thanks to Google Calendar things have changed a lot and now, being tidy is easier than ever! Create your schedule and keep an eye on what you have to do in a matter of seconds.

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Some important characteristics you should know about Google Calendar

  • People have different ways to see how the calendar works as it can seem like days, weeks, or months.
  • People can connect several Google Calendar accounts on a single device.
  • Google Calendar will automatically add activities, like work duties, or travels to a new city.
  • People can customize their Calendar in order to keep everything in order in an easier way.
  • Google Calendar allows people to create, manage, and see tasks that will take place in the following days.
  • Google Calendar works alongside tons of different app, not only with Google apps.
  • People can sync their Google Calendar in different devices.

Some FAQ of Google Calendar

How do I access my Google Calendar?

You can get access to Google Calendar through its icon and, that’s it.

How do you share on Google Calendar?

You will need to pick a specific date and choose the “More” option. There, you will see an option that will let you share your Calendar with more people.

Can I put my Google calendar on my desktop?

Yes. Google Calendar can be used as a desktop widget.

How do I customize my Google Calendar?

People will need to open their Google Calendar and hit the downward arrow, there, they will see an option to customize their Calendar.