Have you imagined that there’s an app that will let you share what you know, while also giving you the opportunity to help others in their programming projects in one place? Well, no need to think more about it. People that use GitHub get the chance to be part of an amazing environment where users are prepared to help each other, and there’s even more waiting for you to find it.

Some important characteristics you should know about GitHub

  • People can use GitHub in order to make simple code changes whenever it is needed.
  • People can use GitHub in order to talk with their team without needing to use a different app.
  • GitHub allows users to follow the tasks they are pending to do in a simple and easy way.
  • People can use GitHub to merge files from different places to the app with a simple click.
  • GitHub allows its users to comment on the work that others are doing in order to improve it.
  • GitHub not only allows people to comment on the work that others are doing, but it also added reactions as well.
  • People can browse through their files easily in order to improve the code that they were working on in the past.

Some FAQ of GitHub

What exactly is GitHub?

GitHub can be seen as an online library. People can work on it, share experiences with others, and more.

How does GitHub work?

Well, that’s hard to explain. GitHub has different features, and each one of them works in its own way. People can code in the app, share files, and more.

Is GitHub a free app?

Yes, GitHub is completely free.

Why is GitHub so popular?

GitHub has become quite popular due to the fact that it is completely free, no need to pay for it, and also, because of its features.