Have you ever thought about changing the keyboard of your phone? Chances are that a lot of people have to think about that since not all phones come with user-friendly keyboards. But, here’s the solution for you: Gboard. The keyboard designed by Google is one of the most amazing tools that someone can install on their phones to make things a lot easier when writing!

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Some important characteristics you should know about Gboard

  • People can make faster writing on the Gboard as they can slide their fingers to write everything they need.
  • Gboard added the voice typing feature to their keyboard, making things a lot easier for people.
  • People can change the way the letter looks on their Gboard as there’s an option that activates handwriting.
  • People using the Gboard keyboard can get access to all the emojis a phone has in an easier way.
  • Thanks to the Gboard keyboard, people can easily find GIFs to add them to a conversation, or to use them on a social media platform.
  • People don’t need to change the language that their Gboard is in because it will automatically detect the language people are writing on.
  • The Gboard will automatically activate an auto-translation system if users need to.
  • People can activate different gestures on the Gboard in order to make things easier while writing something.
  • The Gboard app allows users to change the main theme to the one that they like the most.

Some FAQ of Gboard

What does Gboard app do?

The Gboard app is a keyboard that people can download for their phones to substitute the one that comes with it.

Do I need Gboard on my phone?

Yes! We can say that definitely, the Gboard is one of the most amazing keyboards

Is Gboard the same as Google Keyboard?

Yes, Google Keyboard is now known as Gboard, they have become the same app.

Can I uninstall Gboard?

Yes! People can uninstall it in case they don’t want to use Gboard anymore.