Fusion 360

Have you ever heard about Autodesk? Well, now you can use it on your phone as well. Thanks to Fusion 360, you can start collaborating with other users without needing to be on a PC. With the app, you will get access to real-time collaboration which will make things a lot easier, and you will get the chance to save the files you are working on in different formats.

Download Fusion 360 for PC


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Some important characteristics you should know about Fusion 360

  • People can upload files in over 100 different formats, including SLDPRT, IGES, OBJ, and many others.
  • People can use Fusion 360 in order to track activities and projects that need to be completed.
  • Thanks to Fusion 360, people can easily review large and small 3D designs on the app.
  • People can get access to the properties of a design and complete everything that is missing.
  • People can easily share what they are working on with other people directly from the app.
  • With Fusion 360, people can easily isolate different parts of a design in order to get a better view of it.
  • People can access to their designs wherever they are at, even without an internet connection.

Some FAQ of Fusion 360

Does Fusion 360 have an app?

Yes. Fusion 360 is actually an app from Autodesk.

What are the limitations of Fusion 360?

People can only work on 10 designs at the same time on Fusion 360, that’s the limit given by the app.

Can multiple people work on Fusion 360?

Yes! Multiple people can work on the same design on Fusion 360.

Is Fusion 360 a free app?

Yes! It is completely free to download for everyone.